Panel Antenna for Inside Window Mounting, 75 Ohm - 304472

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Inside-window mounted, tower-facing panel antenna for building installations with no roof access, 75 ohm


Outdoor, wide-band directional antenna; Works with 75 Ohm amplifiers and accessories; Window mount installations; Weather resistant; Up to +10.6 dB Gain


Item: #304452; Wide-band; F-Female; Directional



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Wilson 304472 Suction-Cut Outside-facing Window Mount Panel Antenna 75 ohms Multi Band, main image
Panel Antenna for Inside Window Mounting, 75 Ohm - 304472
Was $139.99 (You save $28.00)

Panel Antenna for Inside Window Mounting, 75 Ohm - 304472


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    Your Price:
    Was $139.99 (You save $28.00)

    Sorry but this item is currently unavailable.

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    Panel Antenna for Inside Window Mounting, 75 Ohm

    Say goodbye to dropped calls, poor call quality, and slow internet.

    • Designed to be used as an outside directional antenna
    • Works with 75 Ohm amplifiers and accessories
    • Window mount installations
    • Built-in ground plane
    • Weather resistant

    Wilson 304472 Window Mount Panel Antenna is a 75 ohms wide-band antenna designed to be used with one of our amplifiers and features up to 10.6 dB of gain. The Wilson 304472 improves signal transmission between your Wilson amplifier and your nearest cellular signal tower. It is built for fixed installations and should face the nearest cellular signal tower. This panel antenna is utilized differently that the other indoor phone-facing panel antennas as it is intended to replace an outdoor Omni or Yagi antenna. This antenna is designed to be mounted on the inside glass-surface of your window facing the outside of the building towards your nearby cellular tower. It is a viable choice when a typical outdoor antenna (Omni or Yagi) cannot be easily mounted on the roof or high exterior wall. It is suitable for apartments and condominiums with limited exterior property modification access. So it is possible that your 75 ohm amplifier system will utilize this panel antenna to face the tower and another panel antenna (with wall, ceiling, or pole mount) to face your cellular devices. This is completely fine as long as adequate separation between the two panel antennas exists.

    What’s Included In the Complete Kit?

    Wilson Window Mount Outdoor Panel Antenna Kit (Item # 304472) Includes:

    1 antenna
    Window Mount Outdoor Antenna Item # 304472
    2 hardware
    Suction Cup Inside Window Mount
    3 secure tape
    Secure Two-way Tape

    Product Specifications

    FREQUENCY & Gain 700-800 MHz
    824-894 MHz
    880-960 MHz
    1710-1880 MHz
    1850-1990 MHz
    2110-2170 MHz
    5.2 dB
    4.4 dB
    4.2 dB
    10.1 dB
    10.6 dB
    8.2 dB
    RADIATION Directional
    IMPEDANCE 75 Ohms
    MAX POWER 50 watts
    DIMENSIONS 8.27 x 7.09 x 1.73 in
    21 x 18 x 4.39 cm
    WEIGHT 1.32 lbs / 0.6 kg

    Installation Instructions

    This panel antenna is not a typical indoor panel antenna. It is intended to replace an outdoor Yagi or Omni antenna as the tower-facing antenna, when roof access is restricted. This antenna cannot be used as an indoor panel antenna because the window mount forces the antenna to mount on inside facing outwards. This is not a weather-resistant antenna so do not attempt to attach to outside window to face inwards).

    Ensure that you purchase the correct impedance antenna for your amplifier system. 50 ohm antennas (with N connectors) go with 50 ohm systems and 75 ohm antennas (with F connectors) go with 75 ohm systems. Panel antenna installation is easy. Just choose your preferred mounting style. Attach the mount in the optimal place on wall, ceiling, or pole. Attach the antenna to the fixed mount. And connect the installed antenna to the amplifier using a separate N-Male (50 ohm) or F-Male (75 ohm) cable. Panel Antennas are directional antennas which will transmit and receive signal mostly from the front. It can be installed both vertically on walls or poles (weather-resistant version) and horizontally on ceilings. Please use the appropriate mount for each specific installation. This is a building antenna so large vehicle installations will require secure installation using appropriate mounts to prevent antenna vibration and shifting inside the mount.

    If you have questions or require assistance, please call our customer and tech support at 1-800-568-2723 or email at We will be happy to assist you in every step of the way.

    Wilson Amplifiers provides a free service to help you along the way. Please check out our blog for more information.


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