AutoParc Stanley, Montreal, Quebec

Wilson Amplifiers and Bolton Install Pro Team Solve Parking Garage Issues in Downtown Montreal

The Customer

AutoParc Stanley provides 24/7, stress-free parking in downtown Montreal, Quebec, with another location in Magog. Their garages have constant video surveillance and wide parking for SUVs and pickups.

The Problem

New construction of a multi-level parking garage posed problems, especially in the below-ground sections. The concrete building created an environment where cellular signal could not easily enter.

Weak to non-existent cellular service interfered with garage security and bicycle lockers, which required LTE to function.

The Solution

Don Galant from AutoParc Stanley got in touch with Wilson Amplifiers in order to solve the garage’s cellular issues. After some discussion, it was determined that a WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 was the ideal amplifier for what the parking garage needed. The Wilson Amplifiers design team used the provided blueprints of the unfinished structure to provide coverage in the specified area, prioritizing the area near the bike lockers.

The Bolton Install Pro Team travelled to Montreal, and within a day had installed the Enterprise 1300 model according to the design.

The Result

The results were immediate.

"We've got cell signal in our underground basement now," Galant said. The bicycle lockers functioned flawlessly, and the entire basement had gone from completely unusable signal to 3-4 bars regularly across Rogers, Bell, and Telus.

Wilson Amplifiers aims to make cellular problems a thing of the past, with as little hassle as possible. If you struggle with cellular signal in your building, contact us at 1-800-738-1828 or at

Don Gallant
IT Manager

The Wilson Amplifiers team was rock solid through many construction challenges and changes. Always ready to help move the project along. If you’re having the same sort of cell problems we were, get solid commercial grade equipment that works 24/7. One less problem to worry about.