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Get Superior Cellular Service with WilsonPro Signal Boosters

Looking to improve cell reception on the rig, in the office, or out in the field? Our WilsonPro commercial cell phone signal boosters are the answer. We’ve performed countless successful installations nationwide and are will help you with everything you need to eliminate poor cell phone signal, dropped calls, and slow data.

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Our Professional Services at a Glance

  • M2M/IoT
A member of the installation team will visit your site to understand why you have weak signal. They will perform a site walk to determine the signal strength, building layout, material types, and determine the best installation points.
The data from the site survey will be analyzed to develop the solution that best fits your needs. It consists of floor plan analysis, prediction reports on design performance, best antenna placement locations, and more. A non-obligated quote will be offered at this time.
The equipment will be professionally installed. Post-installation, our installers will conduct extensive testing to make sure the signal booster is working perfectly.
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Our Recent Oil & Gas Clients

Benefits of a
Professional Signal
Booster Installation

Maximize Cellular Communication

Whether you’re a super-major or independent in the game, or if your well play is oil or natural gas - constant communication is critical for workflow productivity and the bottom line.

  • Upstream – Needs to transmit immediate and accurate data on your well’s play.
  • Midstream – Needs to continuously monitor oil and gas from rig to refinery.
  • Downstream – Need reliable cellular reception throughout to improve operations, enhance communications between people and equipment, and maintain optimal safety protocols.

Interrupted service has a negative impact on business. Our WilsonPro signal booster guarantees your cellular devices will receive quality signal to maximize data flow and safety at all times.

Improve Cellular Data Speeds

Fast data speeds for all of your cellular equipment are necessary throughout the facility for the continuous flow of essential information, especially on rigs and refineries that strive to become even more digital in the next few years. Our WilsonPro signal boosters are designed to take the weakest of signals, amplify them, and distribute them across your entire facility. The result? Improved cellular data speeds to monitor, control, and move both barrels and bytes efficiently and safely.

Eliminate Cell Phone Signal Challenges

Cellular signal challenges are very common in oil and gas. Your facility is probably located in a remote area, surrounded by rugged terrain, or located miles away from cellular towers. Plus, your facility consists primarily of metal – the ultimate cellular signal blocker. Add in the size of many down and upstream facilities, coupled with metals and remote locations, will impact in-building cellular coverage for facilities on-site. Even with a high-end VSAT communications system on an offshore rig, cellular signals sent up to the rig’s network can struggle to reach every nook and cranny from top to bottom.

Our WilsonPro signal boosters bypass any material interfering with cellular signals, as well as communicate with far-distance towers to provide superior in-building cellular coverage in the areas where it matters.

WiFi is Not Enough

A majority of up-, mid-, and downstream facilities utilize WiFi as a source of wireless connectivity on-site, connecting critical pieces of equipment with a constant data flow. However, a consistent WiFi connection is not always available. If the internet is compromised due to hurricanes or extreme weather events, cellular fail-safe technology kicks in. With such huge facilities, it is highly likely some areas will suffer from spotty service. Thus, a reliable cellular signal throughout your facility is essential to improve day-to-day operations at all levels and enhance employee safety.

Our WilsonPro signal boosters are highly customizable to fit your business needs and are more cost-effective than installing additional WiFi equipment throughout the facility.

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