Wilson Vehicle Antenna Mounts
Item: #WILSON-ANTENNA-MOUNTSEasy mountingFor vehicle antennas
$17.95 - $82.99

Wilson Vehicle Antenna Mounts

$17.95 - $82.99
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  • Antenna mounts for a variety of vehicles
  • Allows easy installation
  • For car, truck, SUV, boats, and fleet vehicles
In Stock: Ships in 1-2 business days
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About Outdoor Antenna Mounts

Vehicle antenna mounts allow for simpler installation of antennas for vehicles.

  • weBoost Magnetic NMO Mount (900037)
  • weBoost Magnetic NMO Mount (900037)
  • weBoost Magnetic NMO Mount (900037)
  • Wilson Electronics Marine Antenna Mount (901119)

The weBoost Magnetic NMO Mount is specially designed to attach an NMO antenna to a vehicle. These are typically found in fleet vehicles, which require professional installation to attach.

A weBoost Adjustable Cradle Mount can be placed inside your cabin to hold a signal booster antenna right up against your phone easily. It can also be used in homes or other buildings to similar effect.

Mack and Freightliner Mounts are designed for Mack or Freightliner semi-trucks and are used to better install a trucker antenna onto their frames.

A Wilson Electronics Marine Antenna Mount is designed to be fastened to a boat. You can attach a marine antenna to it very easily. Make sure you install it far enough away from your boat's cabin interior antenna to avoid oscillation!

Technical Specifications

MAGNETIC NMO MOUNT SIZE 8.2 Centimeters (3.25 Inches)
MAGNETIC NMO MOUNT SIZE 3.7 Meters (12 Feet) RG58 Cable
MOUNT FOR TRUCKER ANTENNAS CONNECTOR 1.1 Centimeter (7/16 In) Hex Head;0.6 Centimeter (1/4 Inch)- 50.8 Centimeters (20 inch) Thread;3.8 Centimeters (1 1/2 inches) Length

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