Buy The Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Buy The Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
12th Apr 2024

2024 Top-Rated Cell Phone Signal Boosters

weBoost Home MultiRoom Signal Booster
weBoost Home MultiRoom

For Small to Mid-Size Homes

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weBoost Home Complete
weBoost Home Complete

For Mid-Size to Large Homes

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weboost drive reach
weBoost Drive Reach

For Vehicles Anywhere

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weboost drive x
weBoost Drive X

For Vehicles with Moderate Signal

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weboost drive reach overland
weBoost Drive Reach Overland

For Overlanders and Off-Roaders

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weboost drive sleek
weBoost Drive Sleek

For a Single Device

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weBoost for Business Office 200
weBoost Office 200

For Small Businesses

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wilsonpro enterprise 4300
WilsonPro Enterprise 4300

For Large Commercial Buildings

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The Ultimate Cell Phone Signal Booster Guide

If you have poor cellular signal, a cell phone signal booster is the answer.

They're also known as repeaters, signal amplifiers, network extenders, and cell phone antenna boosters. As the name suggests, these devices boost LTE, 4G, and 5G (on select bands) signals across all major American carriers. Dropped calls, failed texts, and slow data will significantly decrease.

There is a wide selection of cell phone boosters. Choosing the one that is right for you can be challenging. That's why we have made this guide – to go over the most trusted, ISED approved cell phone boosters in Canada.

We fix poor cell phone signal! Find the right signal booster for you:

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In this Guide:

How Do Signal Boosters Work?

Signal boosters take your outside cell signals, amplify them if weak, and rebroadcast them inside. Bi-directional, they also help send a stronger signal back to your cell tower. As a result, you're able to stay connected in places where you couldn't before. Without existing cell signal, these devices will not work.

They are composed of an outdoor antenna, an amplifier, an indoor antenna, and coaxial cables. The strength of the booster and total coverage area vary on how powerful these individual components are.

All our cell phone signal booster kits:
  • Amplify 4G LTE signal for all cellular devices. This includes iPhones, Android, 5G phones, other smartphones, tablets and iPads, and cellular hotspots.
  • Act as a 4G LTE network extender.
  • Work for all major North American carriers. This includes Rogers, Bell, Telus, and more.
  • Boosts all signal within the 800-2500 mHz bands.
  • Have no monthly fees.
  • Do not need WiFi or a landline connection.
  • Are completely legal ISED-approved cellular extenders.
  • Are compatible with all 5G ready mobile phones, and will work for the next decade and beyond.
  • Come with a two-year warranty and an industry-leading 30-day money back guarantee.

Check out our blog on How Signal Boosters Work for more info.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cell Phone Signal Booster

To select the best cell phone signal booster for your needs, consider the following:

  1. How many people need better signal? The more simultaneous users, the stronger the booster you'll need.
  2. Do I have any usable outside signal? If the answer is “no,” you’re out of luck. A cell phone booster will not work without existing signal. For help, visit our guide on How to Measure Cell Phone Signal Strength.
  3. What is my desired coverage? More coverage means more power – doubly true if you have weak outside signal. You may also need more inside antennas to cover a complicated layout.
  4. What type of installation can I handle? For a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit, you'll need to go on your roof and run a bit of cable. The larger the home, the more challenging this becomes. If running cable is too difficult, consider getting a professionally installed kit.

Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Homes and Offices

Cell phone signal boosters for home is the most popular category. We’ll be breaking down our top-rated home and small office boosters by desired coverage, and provide our expert recommendations accordingly.

For Midsize Homes and Office Spaces

If you have a midsize home or office (roughly 93-465 sq m), there are a few options available, depending heavily on your outside signal strength.

With strong-to-decent outside signal, the weBoost Home MultiRoom has proven to provide the best result for midsize homes. With its powerful yagi directional antenna and high downlink, it can reach far-away cell towers to provide more powerful signal amplification. It also features a clean design and drill-free installation. This is the least powerful signal booster kit you should buy if you have weak outside signal.

With weak outside signal, the weBoost Home Complete. is a better option. It’s significantly stronger than the Home MultiRoom, which is necessary if you have a decent-sized home or cabin out in the countryside. While rated to cover up to 696 sq m, with weak signal you’re more likely to get 185-465 sq m out of it.

weboost home multiroom
weBoost Home MultiRoom - 650144

For midsize homes and offices with strong outside signal

Buy Now at $799.99
weboost home complete
weBoost Home Complete - 650145

For midsize homes and offices with weak outside signal

Buy Now at $1,399.99

For Large Homes and Office Spaces

If you have a large home or office (roughly 465-1,858 sq m), there are a few options available, depending heavily on your outside signal strength.

With strong-to-decent outside signal strength, the weBoost Home Complete is the top contender. With a maximum of 696 sq m of coverage, it will cover most large homes.

With weak outside signal strength, we recommend the weBoost for Business Office 200, specifically the Yagi/Panel configuration. Compared to the Omni/Dome kit, these antenna options will help get you the best signal possible. Under perfect conditions, unit can cover up to 929 sq m with reliable cell service.

weboost home complete
weBoost Home Complete - 650145

For large homes and offices with strong outside signal

Buy Now at $1,399.99
weBoost Office 200
weBoost for Business Office 200 – 475047

For large homes and offices with weak outside signal

Buy Now for $2,199.99

For Small Homes and Office Spaces

If you have a small home or office (under 93 sq m), there are a few options available, depending heavily on your outside signal strength.

If your outside signal is strong, the weBoost Home Room is the best. It's easy to install and can provide up to 140 sq m of coverage. However, even with strong outside signal, you’re more likely to receive 70-116 sq m.

If your outside signal is weak, the weBoost Home MultiRoom is a way better option. This signal booster is capable of covering up to 465 sq m, which at first glance sounds like overkill. However, with weak outside signal, you will find you need every bit of the increased power of the MultiRoom.

weboost home room
weBoost Home Room - 652120

For small homes and offices with strong outside signal

Buy Now at $599.99
weboost home multiroom
weBoost Home MultiRoom - 650144

For small homes and offices with weak outside signal

Buy Now at $799.99

For Apartments and Rented Offices

If you live in an apartment or rented office and can’t get onto your building’s roof and install an outside antenna, you’ve got one option: the weBoost Home Room.

It's capable of covering 140 sq m, but you’re much more likely to receive single-room coverage from it. Place it in the area of your apartment or office where you need cell signal the most.

weBoost Home Room - 652120

For apartments and rented offices

Buy Now at $599.99

Budget Boosters

If you’re on a tight budget but still need a great cell phone signal booster, you can't go wrong with the factory renewed weBoost Home MultiRoom. It offers the same great performance as a new version but at a reduced price.

weBoost Home MultiRoom Renewed - 650144R

For small homes and offices with weak outside signal

Buy Now at $597.99

Find more renewed amplifiers here.

Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Cars, Trucks, RVs, Boats, and Other Vehicles

Cell phone signal boosters for vehicles are the broadest category of cellular signal boosters, covering everything from small cars to large trailers and mobile homes. We’ll be breaking them down by vehicle type, and providing our expert recommendations accordingly.

For Cars, Pickups, and SUVs

A cell phone signal booster for your car can help you remain connected anywhere on the map. There are countless instances of dead zones and rocky signal patches along our nation’s highways, and a mobile signal booster will eliminate or alleviate nearly all of them.

However, the strength of the booster’s uplink and downlink power, coupled with the measured gain of your outside antenna, will affect the extent to which these dead zones and poor signal areas affect your connectivity. This can be a lifesaver on long drives, or when driving in areas where GPS is a must.

Therefore, the weBoost Drive Reach is by far the most popular amplifier. It has the highest uplink of any cell booster in its class, and numerous antenna upgrade options to give you the range you need just about anywhere you drive.

For those who don’t find themselves in the country too often, or need a more moderate boost, the weBoost Drive X should suffice. It, too, has numerous antenna options. However, its uplink and downlink power is slightly lower than the Drive Reach.

weboost drive x
weBoost Drive X - 655021

For urban and suburban driving

Buy Now at $549.99

For Overlanders and Off-Roaders

weBoost manufactured the first and best cell phone booster optimized for reliable communication off the beaten path. It combines the Drive Reach with weBoost's most powerful outdoor antenna and an adjustable mounting bracket. You can camp, travel, and explore the backcountry without worry.

For Trucks and Semis

Cell phones are replacing traditional CB radio in trucks at a rapid rate. Cellular connectivity while running cargo is now the norm.

The weBoost Drive Reach OTR is the most powerful mobile booster packaged with a specially designed over-the-road antenna, which can be hard-mounted to your truck or semi. You’ll be stunned at the difference it makes.

For RVs, Campers, and Mobile Homes

If you want all the comforts of home on the road, you need a cell phone booster for your RV. Most campsites are plagued with bad cell service, and being able to stay in contact with those who matter should not be something you have to sacrifice.

Which option to get depends on whether you want better cell signal while driving, or at a campsite.

If you want better signal while driving, get the weBoost Drive Reach RV. It’s the most powerful vehicle cell booster combined with a pair of powerful antennas that should cover the full cabin of all but the largest RVs. As a bonus, it’s a quick, one-time installation that never needs repeating.

However, if you live or spend most of your time camped on the fringes, you’ll want the weBoost Destination RV . It’s a home cell signal booster designed for RVs with a telescoping pole that allows for quick setup and take down. It'll easily cover the entire interior of any class RV or camper.

drive reach rv
weBoost Drive Reach RV - 650354

For RVs and campers in motion

Buy Now at $729.99
weBoost Destination RV
weBoost Destination RV - 650159

For stationary RVs, campers, and trailers

Buy Now at $899.99

For Single Devices

If you mostly drive alone, sometimes a single device is all you need. Having a hands-free phone is a luxury few can do without anymore, so why not make your cradle a signal booster and ensure your GPS and calls always function as they should?

For a car, SUV, or any other vehicle, a weBoost Drive Sleek can provide just that. It’s a simple, hands-free cradle with a mobile signal booster built in.

For a truck or semi, get the weBoost Drive Sleek OTR. It comes with more powerful, hard-mounted antenna for the side of your truck. If you do most of your hauling solo and don’t mind reaching forward to fiddle with your phone, this is a great investment.

drive sleek
weBoost Drive Sleek - 470135F

For single devices in a vehicle

Buy Now at $299.99

drive sleek otr
weBoost Drive Sleek OTR - 470235F

For stationary RVs, campers, and trailers

Buy Now at $399.99

For Marine Vehicles (Boats, Yachts, Schooners, etc.)

Cell signal out at sea is a tricky business. Obviously, if you find yourself miles offshore, maintaining connectivity is very difficult. A cell phone signal booster can greatly extend the range at which you lose all contact with land, allowing for a clear connection in your ship’s interior several miles offshore.

There’s one clear option for marine cell boosters, and that’s the weBoost Drive Reach Marine kit. It has been fitted via SMA-SMB connectors to a powerful, waterproof marine antenna that can extend your range greatly.

Best Commercial Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Commercial cell phone signal boosters are the most powerful, advanced signal boosters that are approved by the FCC for use. The mightiest among them can cover upwards of 9,290 sq m, enough for all but the largest of commercial spaces. Several of these systems can cover any building in the world, as long as there is a small amount of outside signal present.

That being said, due to the sheer scope of a commercial installation, it’s best left to the professionals. Installation service is available for any of the following units in buildings over 1,394 sq m in size. Give us a call at 1-800-738-1828 to get started.

For Small and Medium Enterprise

We define “small and medium enterprise” as any building larger than 1,394 sq m but smaller than around 4,645 sq m. This encompasses a wide range of facilities, including but not limited to:

For these applications, the weBoost for Business Office 200 is the champion. Its next-generation technology gives it even more amplification power than the WilsonPro 1100, the old ruler of the small-medium commercial space

weBoost Office 200
weBoost for Business Office 200 – 652047/651047

Our catch all for small and medium enterprise.

Buy Now for $2,199.99

For Large Enterprise

We define “large enterprise” as sprawling or multi-story facilities that are larger than around 4,645 sq m. These include:

For extremely large projects, the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 is superior. It include ports for several outdoor antennas, remote monitoring, multi-tower targeting – the works. It come in either wall-mount or rack-mount formats to fit in any situation.

If you are in the market this commercial grade product, give us a call (1-800-738-1828) to get you started with the system design and installation process.

wilsonpro enterprise 4300
WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 - 460152F

For the largest of buildings

More Details

When paired with Zinwave, we can design a Hybrid DAS solution for much stronger cell phone reception and wider coverage.

Zinwave DAS
Zinwave DAS

Zinwave DAS Product Line

More Details

Common Questions and Concerns Around Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Do Signal Boosters Work?

Absolutely! However, there are a lot of junk boosters out there, which have contributed to general public skepticism around these devices. All our recommended boosters are tested, FCC-certified, and backed by our 90-day guarantee, so if you find it doesn’t work for you, there’s no pressure.

Why Do I Have Such Bad Signal?

There are nine main reasons why people have bad signal, but the most common are distance from a cell tower and building materials.

How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal for Free?

There are ways to boost your cell signal that don’t require a cell phone signal booster. Some of them are free, some paid, and many will not work for you – but they are always worth a try.

To learn more, visit our guide on How to Boost Cell Signal.

Are Bars the Best Way of Reading My Signal?

No! Bars are nothing more than a subjective reading of cell phone signal that vary by phone, carrier, device, etc. There is no standard for what “one bar” or “full bars” even means.

If you’d like to get the most accurate reading of your cell phone signal, you want to look into dB readings. Here is a full guide on how to read signal strength the right way.

I’m Having Trouble Installing My Booster. Help?

Installing a cell phone booster can seem challenging without help. Fortunately, the installation can be done in roughly five steps.

Here are the five easy steps for your home signal booster installation.

How Can I Find My Nearest Cell Tower?

If you’ve got a Yagi antenna setup, you’ll need to find your nearest cell tower to get the maximum power out of your system.

There are several ways of doing this, so we recommend picking the one that’s right for you from our simple finding cell tower guide.

Why Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Only Work Indoors?

Short answer: they need walls to bounce signal off of. They aren’t powerful enough by themselves to boost signal across a large open space – and for good reason. Improper specifications on illegal signal boosters can harm cellular networks.

What is a Typical Cable Run for a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Cable runs vary depending on need. Certain cables are ill-equipped for long runs, which is why some boosters come in 50 ohm and 75 ohm variants. For most consumers, the cable included in the kit is sufficient, but for those needing longer runs, check out our coaxial cable guide to make an informed decision as to which type of cable you’ll need.

What Antenna Setup Should I Get For My Cell Signal Booster?

Cell signal boosters are required by law to be sold as a complete kit, which includes an indoor and outdoor antenna. These antennas are generally optimized for the booster with which they come. However, there are situations where you may wonder if you can get a better antenna.

You can. The trouble is, sometimes your booster or outside signal isn't powerful enough to handle more than one antenna. We recommend giving us a call at 1-800-373-2927 for a free consultation about your specific situation.

Improve Your Cell Signal Today!

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We seriously hate dropped calls and poor coverage, so it's our goal in life to rid the world of spotty signal, one happy customer at a time:

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