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8 Reasons Why Cell Phone Signals Suddenly Go Bad

on 26th May 2017

And Here’s What You Can Do About it…

Our smartphones are our constant companions. 

They are like extensions of our arms. 

They are a kind of science fiction technological enhancement that acts as a prosthesis, keeping us connected to the world and the web at all times. 

Well, that’s until the dreaded signal loss!

Our lives are perfectly rolling along as we talk, text, scroll, surf, click and then suddenly we’re cut off. We stand there incredulous at the malfunction in our digital universe. We have gotten so used to having our devices always at attention that we experience a strange disbelief at the dropped call.

We start off blaming the carrier and make a mental note to change to a better service provider immediately. But you might want to backpedal on that decision. There is a huge possibility that your bad signal isn’t your carrier’s fault (but sometimes it is). 

There are many reasons why your cell phone signal is missing in action. Here are eight possible reasons…

and one powerhouse solution.

1. Traffic Jam

You’re on the highway and there has been an accident. Cars have come to a grinding halt and you’re stuck waiting for the flow to resume. 

Look left and right –yup, 

We’re all on our cell phones.

We’ll letting people know that we’re going to be late or we are just passing the time catching up on social media. The heavy vehicle traffic has increased heavy signal traffic and the nearest cell tower is taking strain. The signals are wrestling for space and the longer the fight continues, the weaker the signal will become. If you make a call and it’s dropped it’s probably because the tower you were transferred to is full to the brim. You’ll notice this phenomenon at rock concerts or any mass gathering of people where they are using their cell phones.

2. Test Your Metal

Cell signals are strong but they are no match for metal man! 

They’re not getting through. 

You’re asking way too much from your signal when you try to use your cell phone in an office building constructed with a metal frame or grid work and if you are driving in your car. Your cell signal strength will be greatly diminished, weakened or simply lost. You could even notice that your service fades in and out as you walk around your home. If this is the case, there could be metal in the construction material. 

As you walk past a window or door the signal seems to surge up again. Even some UV-A and UV-B treatments on car windows can block or interrupt signals as well.

3. Solar Flares and Cosmic Shock Waves

It sounds apocalyptic –but yes!

Cosmic events can end your call to your BFF in the middle of finding out the half time score. When there are eruptions on the surface of the sun, plumes of gas are sent into the atmosphere that can affect your signal. The satellites orbiting the earth, that are responsible for our mobile communications, can experience a knock when shock waves from solar flares travel through space. 

These waves can produce changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and the signals sent to and from the satellite can be severely disrupted.

4. Running On Empty

If you haven’t charged your battery it doesn’t have the strength to maintain its connection to the nearest cell tower.

Help it along –your cell phone needs energy to send and receive signals so you can skype, shop and share!

5. Weather Warning

Just like us, our cell phones have quite dramatic reactions to the weather. 

Sometimes the signal also just wants to take cover from lightning, thunder, storms, rain, snow, ice, wind, humidity and heavy cloud cover. The electromagnetic waves transmitted by cell phones can get negatively affected by weather patterns.

6. Talk to the Hand

Your hand could be causing your lost signal? 


You can end up blocking the antenna, embedded on your phone, and get in the way of your own incoming signal. Back in the “olden days” when cell phones were the size of bricks they had external antennas which meant you rarely dropped a call. But then only a handful of people had cell phones so there was no cell tower competition.

7. Going Green

Taking a walk in a forest, under a canopy of leaves is idyllic - so choose to look at the view and leave your cell phone in your pocket. A leaf canopy will definitely play havoc with your cell signal. You might experience a drop or fade of your cell signal.

8. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Well, actually mountains will keep you from chatting to loved ones on the other side. Geographic features are a common reason for losing cell signal. They are obviously huge obstructions. 

If you’re living on the one side of a large, beautiful mountain and your nearest cell tower is on the other side –be prepared to go back to smoke signals, carrier pigeons and drumming messages.

But here’s that solution I mentioned earlier…

Your secret cell phone signal booster!  

This gem is going to boost your bad signal by 32 times. 

There are cell phone booster solutions for your home, car or office. This little super hero takes a weak cell signal and amplifies it. This can be for either 2G, 3G or 4G LTE. It then rebroadcasts the boosted signal to an area inside your home or car, which your cell phone picks up. Boosters are good friends to all of the cell service providers in Canada. Take a look at our guide that details our range of cell phone boosters that can help you get full bar signal strength when you need it most.

So if you find yourself in a constant state of frustration dealing with poor signal, give us a call so we can give your signal a permanent boost!

Want to learn more about cell phone boosters? Read more with our definitive guide:

Need help? Email us today ( or give us a call at 1-800-373-2927. A cell phone signal expert will gladly assist you in getting better signal instantly.

Cell phone signal booster guide



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