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Signal Booster Installer Guides (13)

Installation Video Guides for Wilson Pro Commercial Signal Boosters.

How to Conduct Site Survey for Signal Booster Installation
How A Commercial Signal Booster Works

Installation Video Guides for Building weBoost Signal Boosters.

Part 1 of 6: Where to Install Your Booster.
Part 2 of 6: Installing the Outside Antenna.
Part 3 of 6: Running Cable into Your Home.
Part 4 of 6: Installing the Inside Antenna.
Part 5 of 6: Installing the Booster.
Part 6 of 6: Troubleshooting & Checking Your Signal.

Installation Video Guides for weBoost Vehicle Signal Boosters.

Install a Signal Booster in a Car
Install a Signal Booster in a Truck
Install a Signal Booster in a RV
Install a Signal Booster in a SUV or Minivan
Install a Signal Booster for Fleet Vehicles

Pro Tips and How-To Videos (6)

Watch tips and how-to guides from our experts and partners.

Indoor Cellular Coverage Solutions - Which one is best for you?
Pro Tip - Inside Panel Antenna Orientation
Pro Tip - Can I Paint My Antennas?
Commercial Signal Booster Installer Guide Wilson Amplifiers
How To Find dB Signal Strength On iPhone – Field Test Mode
How To Find dB Strength On Android – Field Test Mode

Case Study Videos (2)

Learn how WilsonPro cell phone signal boosters bring businesses strong cellular signal.

Mob Museum, Last Vegas
CHI St. Luke's Memorial Hospital, Lufkin, Texas

Cell Phone Amplifier System Components (3)

These videos explain what the cell phone amplifier system key components are and how they work.

Amplifier Cables
Inside Antennas
Outside Antennas