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monitoring and mobile communication.

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Get Superior Cellular Service with WilsonPro Signal Boosters

Want to ensure your fleet vehicles have superior cellular reception on the road? Our fleet cell phone signal boosters are the answer. We’ve performed countless successful installations nationwide and are will help you with everything you need to eliminate poor cell phone signal, dropped calls, and slow data.

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Benefits of a
Professional Signal
Booster Installation

Improve Cell Phone Signal

Fleet vehicles, whether they are delivery trucks, semi-trucks, taxis, or rentals, need reliable cellular signal on the road, especially in rural and remote areas.

A consistent connection means:

  • You’ll be able to stay in contact with your drivers.
  • You’ll receive real-time updates on driver activity and vehicle location through your fleet management system.
  • Your driver’s navigation tools won’t be interrupted, allowing them to reach their destination on time.
  • Customers will enjoy a reliable connection.

Don’t let poor cellular signals interfere with your company's success. We offer some of the most powerful over-the-road signal boosters guaranteed to boost cellular signals on most roads and highways.

Faster Data

Poor cell phone signal results in slow data speeds, which is not ideal for drivers who utilize data-driven tools, such as navigating services to find the best and quickest route to their destination and mobile apps for day-to-day operations.

In addition, most fleet vehicles are equipped with data-driven fleet management systems, allowing you to track your vehicles, monitor wasteful activity, monitor fuel consumption, increase fleet and driver safety, and much more. Without a consistent connection, you won't receive real-time updates on driver activity or vehicle statistics.

Superior cellular service on the road ensures efficient work productivity and client satisfaction. Our fleet signal boosters enhance cellular signals up to 32x, which means faster 4G and even 5G data speeds for any cellular-dependent device.

Eliminate Cell Phone Signal Challenges

Whether delivering supplies or transporting passengers, drivers face many cell phone signal challenges on the road.  Cell tower distance, foliage, mountains, and tall buildings disrupt incoming signals, resulting in weak cell signal, spotty service, or dead spots.

Our fleet signal boosters eliminate these challenges by communicating with far distanced towers to provide your drivers with superior in-vehicle cellular signal on the go.

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