Reliable cellular service to improve communication, productivity, and safety across all distribution departments.

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Get Superior Cellular Service with WilsonPro Signal Boosters

Reliable cellular service to improve communication, productivity, and safety across all distribution departments.

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Our Professional Services at a Glance

  • M2M/IoT
A member of the installation team will visit your site to understand why you have weak signal. They will perform a site walk to determine the signal strength, building layout, material types, and determine the best installation points.
The data from the site survey will be analyzed to develop the solution that best fits your needs. It consists of floor plan analysis, prediction reports on design performance, best antenna placement locations, and more. A non-obligated quote will be offered at this time.
The equipment will be professionally installed. Post-installation, our installers will conduct extensive testing to make sure the signal booster is working perfectly.
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Benefits of a
Professional Signal
Booster Installation

Improve Cell Phone Signal

The key to effectively and efficiently distributing products is good communication between managers and employees. Reliable cellular service is crucial for your business.

Being forced to rely solely on radio communication has its drawbacks. Radio signals lack range, hindering communication if one person is not in range. This decreases productivity. Worse, during an emergency, any delay can be disastrous.

Our WilsonPro signal boosters will drastically improve your building's cellular coverage, providing better communication between all employees and managers to improve workflow productivity and safety.

Faster Data Speeds

With more distribution facilities utilizing smartphones and tablets for order fulfillment, shipping, loading, inventory management, and process monitoring, the need for fast data speeds is essential, and WiFi is not going to cut it.

WiFi signals have limited range. The farther away your devices are located from the router, the weaker the signal. Plus, with so many devices connected to the network, it can overload. Snail-like data speeds hinder workflow across all departments, resulting in delays and unhappy customers.

Cellular works as a parallel network and offloads congestion from your WiFi system, improving data speeds for all. A WilsonPro signal booster ensure faster 4G LTE and 5G data speeds (on select models) for the hundreds of employees and devices needing a reliable connection.

Eliminate Cell Phone Signal Challenges

Does your distribution center have strong cellular signal outside, but poor signal inside? This is common.

The lack of cellular reception inside your building is caused by building materials, such as brick, concrete, metal, and low-e glass. The material acts as a barrier and prevents radio frequency waves from penetrating the building, resulting in spotty cellular service or dead spots.

A WilsonPro signal booster bypasses material blocking the signal and distributes it throughout your facility for superior cellular coverage in areas where it matters.

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