What are the Blinking Lights on a weBoost Signal Booster?

What are the Blinking Lights on a weBoost Signal Booster?

Written by Alejandra Jasso
12th Feb 2024

weBoost Signal Booster Lights Explained

So, your weBoost cell phone signal booster is all setup. You're ready to put an end to unreliable talk, text, and data in your home, office, or vehicle.

You power on the amplifier and then... lights. Lots of lights. Red. Orange. White. Green. Yellow. And they're blinking?

Is that normal? Is my booster working?

Today we're going to look at weBoost light meanings and how to fix them.

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Meaning of weBoost Lights

weBoost Solid Green Lights

Everything is working perfectly. Your signal booster is amplifying at maximum capacity. So relax, grab a beer, glass of wine, or your favorite drink, and start binge-watching on Netflix.

weBoost Solid White Lights

This light pattern is specific to the weBoost Drive Sleek vehicle signal booster. Like solid green, it means your unit is functioning properly and at maximum capacity.

weBoost Solid Red Lights

Problem: Your outside antenna is pulling in signal from your inside antenna and circling it back. This is called a feedback loop or oscillation. It's like an ouroboros - a snake eating its own tail. To prevent harmful interference with nearby cell towers, the booster is designed to shut down one or multiple bands.

Solution: You need to increase the distance between your indoor and outdoor antennas. A minimum of 20 feet vertical, 50 feet horizontal, or a combination of the two is recommended. If your unit uses a Yagi directional outside antenna (triangular-shaped), make sure:

  1. The Yagi antenna points at your closest cell tower.
  2. The Yagi and indoor antenna face away from each other.

After adjusting, power off your booster, then power it on again. If you put enough distance between the two antennas, you'll have green lights.

weBoost Solid Orange or Solid Yellow Lights

Problem: This is actually a “good” problem. Solid orange or yellow lights mean the outside antenna is pulling in TOO much signal from the cell tower. To avoid overloading your amplifier, it has to shut down the affected bands.

Solution: You need to change your outdoor antenna's mounting location or point it slightly away from the cell tower. Do the latter in small increments. Make sure to power off and power on your unit between adjustments to reset the lights. Green is a go.

weBoost Blinking Green & Red or Blinking Red & Solid Green Lights

Problem: Your outside antenna is pulling in signal from the cell tower AND your inside antenna. The amplifier still works, BUT affected bands are operating at reduced power. This means you're not getting maximum boost.

Solution: If you're happy with your results, you don't need to do anything. However, if you're not getting the amplification you want, increase the distance between the two antennas. A minimum of 20 feet vertical, 50 feet horizontal, or a combination of both is recommended. Usually, it's easiest to move the inside antenna around until the lights are solid green. Power off and power on your signal booster between adjustments to make sure it's updating correctly.

weBoost Blinking Green & Orange or Blinking Green & Yellow

Problem: Your outside antenna is pulling in too much signal from the cell tower. Luckily, it isn't enough to overload the amplifier. However, affected bands are operating at reduced power (& efficiency) to avoid shutting down.

Solution: If you're happy with your amplification results, you don't need to do anything. If you're not getting the boost you want:

  1. Point your outside antenna slightly away from the tower. Do this in small increments.
  2. Move your outside antenna to a new location.

Each time you make adjustments, turn your booster off and on to reset the lights. Once the lights are all green, you'll be getting maximum signal boost.

weBoost Solid Gray Lights

Problem: This light is specific to weBoost units with LCD screens like the Office 200. It means the band has been manually disabled. This means the unit will not be amplifying cellular signals operating on that band.

Solution: To boost that band, all you have to do is enable the desired band.

weBoost No Lights

Problem: The signal booster isn't receiving power.

Solution: Verify that the power supply works. If it does, click here to find a replacement or call us at 1-800-373-2927 for further assistance.


What Does "Band Has Shutoff" or "Band Has Reduced Gain" Mean?

All cell phone signal boosters are designed to amplify cellular signals operating on specific frequency bands. weBoost boosters work with bands 12/17 (700 MHz), 13 (700 MHz), 5 (850 MHz), 4 (1700/2100 MHz, and Band 25/2 (1900 MHz).

If oscillation or signal overload is detected, the amplifier will automatically shut down or reduce the power of one or multiple bands.

weBoost vehicle booster will not show you which bands are affected as they only have one light. Home and commercial units, on the other hand, tend to have multiple LED lights. Each one corresponds to a specific frequency band. This allows you to easily identify which band is being affected. Reference the manual to identify which light represents which band.

How Do I Know if My weBoost is Working?

Green lights indicate a fully functioning weBoost signal booster. If you're unsure whether it's working, we recommend testing your cellular signal strength in dBm. Conduct one test with the amplifier turned off and another with the amplifier turned on to see that your signal has improved.

Measuring signal strength in dBm is way more reliable than the number of bars. To learn how, check out our blog on How to Measure Signal Strength.

How to Reset weBoost Signal Booster?

When making adjustments to fix your weBoost's blinking lights, the booster can be reset by turning it off and on.

weBoost Lights are Green, But I Am Not Getting a Signal Boost. What Does This Mean?

Green usually means a fully functioning unit. However, green lights but no boost could indicate a defective unit. We recommend doing a line test. Here is how:

  1. Make sure all components are in proper placement.
  2. Unplug ONLY the external antenna and see if the lights on the booster flash different colors (green, red, etc).
  3. If no Change has occurred, unplug the inside antenna (DO NOT PLUG THE OUTSIDE ANTENNA BACK IN YET).
  4. At this point, both antennas are no longer connected to the booster. Are the lights the same as before or different?
  5. If no change, the booster may be defective. If the light's colors change, then the antennas may be defective.
  6. If your booster is defective, call weBoost to verify your warranty (1-866-294-1660) or purchase a new system with us.

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