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What are the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Home?

on 19th May 2017

The Growing Problem with Poor Cell Phone Signal

Three out of four Canadians own a smartphone in 2017. That translates to 76% of the population. We’re using our smartphones for a multitude of functions:

Calling, texting, emailing, paying bills, downloading apps and other content, watching video, interacting on social media, checking bank accounts etc. With so many people depending on their smartphones, it has placed a lot of pressure on the cell phone industry to deliver a quality signal. 

Can't Live without Constant Signals?

As users require their devices to operate optimally all the time, cell phone carriers have had to ensure a lot more power, a lot of battery and a whole lot of data. It’s a massive convergence of function for every person’s smartphone and what they want it to perform daily. Constant signal is now a way of life. We are not able to tolerate low or no signal as it impacts our businesses and mode of communication too dramatically.

Cell phone carriers can’t keep up with the demand and are constantly upgrading their 4G LTE networks to match the needs. Sometimes up to a thousand users could be confined to a cell tower at the same time and the result is low bars, slower data speeds, poor quality reception as well as many dropped calls.

How to Give Your Poor Cell Phone Signal a Boost?

But you do not have to live in the poor signal dark ages.

You can sate your appetite for consistently high internet speeds, constant coverage, increased number of bars and connection reliability by investing in your very own cell phone signal booster. They are also known as cell phone amplifiers or cellular repeaters.

A cell phone booster also has the added benefit of increasing a smartphone’s battery life. This is due to it needing less power to find and broadcast signals.

Initially people who invested in cell phone signal boosters lived in rural areas or in environments that received extremely weak signals. This was because they were geographically located far away from cell towers. Some big businesses required greater coverage and they too procured signal boosters to run their daily operations smoothly. But these days we are witnessing the rise of the everyday consumer investing in this technology, as they are experiencing weaker signal quality in cities.

What’s Obstructing Your Signal?

Signals in the city face interference from a range of obstructions. These can include high buildings, metal structures, thick insulated interiors, external and internal clutter, all of which block, impede, reflect and dampen the cell signal desperately trying to make its way to your smartphone. You might even live right next to a cell tower and have a poor signal. This could be due to building material blocking the signal. But despite the obstacle challenges, a cell phone repeater will strengthen that weak signal. You can expect up to 32X in signal boost resulting in more bars, faster speed and more reliable connection.

The Best Brands in The Business

Wilson Electronic offers three options to deliver stronger signal: weBoost for premium signal boosters, zBoost for value-line signal boosters and Wilson Pro for enterprise signal boosters. Conduct a search online for ‘cell phone signal booster’ and you will arrive at Wilson Electronics –the biggest booster manufacturer in North America. We have been boosting signals for over ten years.

Home Truths

When you’re at home and you want to stream music and video while engaged in an intensive social media session, a low signal is going to drive you demented.

You want to be able to access your apps, Google maps and fast internet so you have a few options. There is 3G to make sure you can still handle talk and text demands as well as some light internet traffic. The 4G options does all of that but gives you faster internet as well. Obviously 3G is cheaper but then you aren’t going to be able to stream Spotify or YouTube. If you’re only using your smartphone for talk and text (how is that even possible?) then you will be able to save a few dollars.

On the Road?

There are also options for signal boosting in your car or trucks which is ideal if you are on the road a lot.

Many people are doing away with their landline contracts because they only require their smartphones. This is where a signal booster will come in handy if you want to make sure you will always have a reliable connection.

Signal Investigation

In order to make the best decision about which signal booster you will need for your home, it is wise to learn more about your current cell phone signal by finding out your dB reading on your phone, or download one of the signal booster apps that help you to find the strongest cell tower signal in your area.

When you locate the strongest signal you might notice that you normally get 1 bar of 4G LTE and sometimes it'll slip to 3G. You then experience poor signal and the headache of not being able to connect. Since the boosted home signal depends on the existing outside signal, you might make the decision to choose the Connect 4G to cover your entire home and keep it at a constant 4G signal.

The Strongest Choice

If you choose the strongest signal booster, you can expect the following from a Wilson we Boost Connect 4G:

  • Works with all carrier
  • Boosts all data speeds including 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Amplifies the signal inside for complete home coverage
  • Boosts voice and data
  • Extends the battery life of your cell phone
  • Award winning products. Award winning brand

Product includes:

  • Multi-band cell phone amplifier
  • Outside yagi antenna (to receive carrier signals)
  • Inside antenna (to broadcast stronger signals)
  • 2x 30-feet RG6 low-loss coax cables (to attach each antenna to the amplifier)
  • AC Power Supply
  • Instruction Manuals

Rooftop Green Light

When you begin to install it, start with a soft install, testing components in tentative locations before finalizing installation.

Place the outside antenna outside and make sure it points toward the cell tower. The ideal place would be on the roof if you wish to get the best results. You’ll connect the cables to each antenna, hook them up to the amplifier and power it on.

If the green light comes on, you’re in the great signal zone.

If a red light appears there might be oscillation issues with an orange light indicating that it’s experiencing an overload because it’s too close to the cell tower (you’ll then point the outside antenna slightly away from the cell tower). You’ll see a surge from one bar to four with the flip of a switch.

So, if you find yourself in a constant state of frustration, dealing with poor signal, give us a call so we can give your signal a permanent boost!

Want to learn more about cell phone boosters? Read more with our definitive guide:

Need help? Email us today ( or give us a call at 1-800-373-2927. A cell phone signal expert will gladly assist you in getting better signal instantly.

Cell phone signal booster guide



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