What Is The Best Telus Cell Phone Booster?

What Is The Best Telus Cell Phone Booster?

Written by Alejandra Jasso
14th Mar 2024

Weak Telus Cell Signal?

Telus is the biggest wireless carrier in Canada, which should mean they provide solid coverage. However, that is not the case for many Canadians.

If you're reading this article, then most likely, you're looking to boost your poor 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G connectivity.

We fix poor cell phone signal! Find the right signal booster for you:

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What Causes Telus Cell Signal to Drop?

First, let's go over why you're getting low bars and poor reception.

Cell phone signals are radio waves that span great distances but are interrupted by almost everything under the sun:

  • Cell tower distance
  • Outside interference: Trees, hills, mountains, valleys, and tall structures like buildings.
  • Building material: Metal, glass, concrete, brick, radiant barrier, and other conductive material (electrical or magnetic).
  • Internal building obstructions: Thick walls, other electrical devices, clutter, etc.
  • Even weather (yup).

By the time the signal reaches your cell phone, it's weak and erratic, resulting in spotty reception.

How to Boost Telus Cell Signal?

Everything changes with a Telus signal booster.

A Telus signal booster takes existing outside signal, amplifies it up to 32X, and then broadcasts it inside your home, office, or vehicle. This means stronger signal where you need it. For more details, visit How Signal Boosters Work.

Advantages of a Telus cell phone signal booster include:

  • Better coverage
  • Reliable reception, mitigating dropped calls/li>
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Consistent service for faster internet
  • Works for all phones & cellular devices.
  • Complete kits, easy to install.
  • No monthly fees, no need to connect to wifi.
  • Works with all Telus MVNO and subsidiaries (PCMobile, Solo, Northerntel, etc) as well as other major Canadian carriers
  • Future proof, 5G Ready

These Are the 7 Top Cell Signal Boosters for Telus

For homes, whether you're in a remote rural area with an off-the-grid cabin or the big city with difficult-to-get-signal buildings, our recommended cell phone boosters get the job done. Depending on your signal situation and booster model, they'll enhance Telus reception across 1-2 rooms or an entire house.

Our vehicle signal boosters work for cars, sedans, RVs, and even boats.

Enterprise Telus signal boosters cover up to 10,000+ m² buildings, although it takes a dedicated team of installers and planners to get the absolute best service.

Why be a servant to the cell tower? Bring the cell tower inside your home! Below are our top recommendations.

Telus Cell Phone Signal Booster For Home

weboost home multiroom
weBoost Home MultiRoom (650144)

For midsize homes and offices.

Buy Now: $799.99
  • Boosts Voice, Text, 3G/4GLTE/5G Data
  • For Multiple Room Coverage
  • Up to +65 dB Gain

The weBoost Home MultiRoom for Telus has been the most recommended home booster, and for good reason. It's a dependable performer that works perfectly for most homes for better service.

Under absolute best conditions, the Home MultiRoom covers up to 465 m². That is more than enough for mid-size homes with dependable outside cell signal or small homes in weak signal areas.

If you're getting spotty reception, we'd recommend starting with this model first as it tends to be the Goldilocks or "just right" model.

weboost home complete
weBoost Home Complete (650145)

For large homes and offices.

Buy Now: $1,399.99
  • Boosts Voice, Text, 3G/4GLTE/5G Data
  • For Whole Home Coverage
  • Up to +72 dB Gain

The weBoost Home Complete for Telus is the most powerful consumer line booster you can get. With an additional +7 dB over the weBoost Home MultiRoom, it's roughly a over 3x more powerful.

It can cover up to 697 m² with reliable cell reception. Results will depend on your unique cell signal environment.

If you have extremely poor signal (remote area) or need wide coverage for a building 500 m² and over like a warehouse, the weBoost Home Complete is your new best friend.

  • Boosts Voice, Text, 3G/4GLTE/5G Data
  • For 1 Room Coverage
  • Up to +60 dB Gain

The weBoost Home Room is a nice cheap option if you're on a budget and only need spot coverage.

Depending on the outside signal, you may get 1-2 room coverage under best conditions. But you're not here because of best conditions, so it's more realistic to say desktop to small room coverage (about 25 to 50 m²). Most customers have told us they're much closer to the inside antenna than anticipated for better signal.

This is a good starter kit if you have decent outside signal.

Telus Cell Phone Signal Booster For Car

weboost drive x
weBoost Drive X (655021)

For urban and suburban driving

Buy Now: $549.99
  • Boosts Voice, Text, 3G/4GLTE/5G Data
  • For multiple cell devices
  • Up to +50 dB Gain

The weBoost Drive X is a popular vehicle signal booster for driving in urban, suburban, and some rural areas.

A slim outside antenna picks up the signal and a discreet inside antenna (usually Velcroed to the dash) broadcasts the signal inside.

The majority of our customers in the city report getting at least 2 to 3 more bars. For off-the-grid areas, a few did say they have to be closer to the inside antenna than anticipated to get boosted signal.

  • Boosts Voice, Text, 3G/4GLTE/5G Data
  • For multiple cell devices
  • Up to +50 dB Gain
  • More reach from and to cell towers

The Drive Reach is the most powerful Telus cell phone signal booster available. Boasting greater reach, it's able to reach distant cell towers, keeping drivers and passengers connected in more places.

This unit is the best option for drivers in rural and poor signal areas. Customers have reported great results from the Drive Reach.

  • Boosts Voice, Text, 3G/4GLTE/5G Data
  • For a single smartphone
  • Up to +23 dB Gain

The weBoost Drive Sleek is about price and performance for the single user.

It includes a cradle mount. Cellular device has to be in the cradle to get maximum signal boost. When paired with a Bluetooth headset, it really shines for regular talk and text as well as hands-free navigation.

Telus Cell Phone Signal Booster For Commercial Buildings

weBoost Office 200
weBoost for Business Office 200 (652047/651047)

Our catch all for small and medium enterprise.

Buy Now: $2,199.99
  • Boosts Voice, Text, 3G/4GLTE/5G Data
  • Covers up to 930 sq m
  • Up to +72 dB Gain

There are many cellular boosting solutions for small business spaces. This model happens to be the sweet spot with best coverage up to 930 m². Many of our professional installers and their enterprise customers have been happy with this one.


Will a Telus Signal Booster also improve my Telus hotspot device?


Telus mobile hotspot routers use cellular signals, and signal boosters enhance cellular signal!

Your cellular hotspot devices will get better signal and speeds. If your hotspot has an external antenna port, it can even be plugged in directly to compatible Telus signal boosters.

Will a Telus Signal Booster work with my Telus phone?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Whether it's an iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, or any phone, if it's working on the Telus network, then a signal booster will also improve reception to your phone.

What if I switch carriers in the future?

Our Telus signal boosters from Wilson Electronics (weBoost & WilsonPro) are multi-carrier systems. This means they are also compatible with Rogers, Freedom, Fido, and other major and local carriers.

They are future-proof!

What about Telus 5G service?

5G ready, Telus boosters work with 5G devices and part of the 5G spectrum. They will work with 5G frequencies operating on the supported frequency bands.

Will 5G make my Telus signal booster obsolete?


4G LTE is still being built across North America. In fact, 4G LTE is the backbone of Canada's wireless service. It's not going anywhere anytime soon, AND it's getting faster.

4G LTE is expected to peak in 2030-2035. So...come back in a decade and ask the same question and we might have a different answer by then.

How May We Help You?

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