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What are Omni and Yagi Antennas?

Which Outside Antenna is Best for You? Almost all cell phone signal booster kits come with 3 major components: the outside antenna (to pull in signal), the amplifier (to boost signal), and the inside antenna (to rebroadcast amplified signal indoors).  The outside antenna usually comes in two types: omni antenna and directional (yagi) antenna. For example, one of [...]

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Wilson Amplifiers Now Serving Canada

Wilson Amplifiers Canada to serve all provinces with local distribution center. Wilson Amplifiers, the leading independent provider of weBoost & WilsonPro cell phone signal boosters, has launched a new website for our Canadian customers: wilsonamplifiers.ca Wilson Amplifiers Canada aims to be the leader in cellular boosting solutions for all of Canada. With home, vehicle, and enterprise boosters [...]

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