Zinwave Uniwave 8000 4 Path Remote Unit | 308-0007-4 - Front Side
Zinwave Uniwave 8000 4 Path Remote Unit

Zinwave Uniwave 8000 4 Path Remote Unit | 308-0007-4

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  • 4x4 MIMO Remote Unit for Uniwave 8000 System
  • Converts and Amplifies Uplink and Downlink Signals
  • Up to 25 dBm Output Power
  • Supports Frequencies 150 MHz to 5 GHz
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
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Product Details

The Zinwave Uniwave 8000 4 Path Remote Unit connects to the Primary or Secondary Hub via fiber. It converts optical signals to RF, or vice versa, and amplifies them for transmission to or from mobile devices. 4x4 MIMO, it supports four receiving antennas and four transmitting antennas, reducing the amount of equipment needed. With up to 25 dBm downlink, this RU delivers incredible coverage. It covers all frequencies from 150 MHz to 5 GHz. This includes 4G, 5G, Public Safety, and two-way radio support. 4 Path RU can be mounted above ceiling tiles or out-of-sight locations in any orientation.

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